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About Range

Heard you’ve been looking for beauty products that don’t irritate your skin. Well, we’ve got you covered, literally. Your skin has range which means you shouldn’t have to choose between having a flare-up or wearing makeup. We designed our products with soothing ingredients that your skin will love on any day.

We make sure all of our products abide by The National Eczema Assciation and even keep a “Not For Skin” List updated to ensure we’re always leaving out ingredients that would trigger flareups and breakouts. Our “Good To Skin” List is packed with dermatologist backed and clinically proven botanical extracts that help relieve reactive skin symptoms.



We use nourishing, active botanicals you know & love, like calendula, chamomile, and argan oil.


Serve face in your perfect shade match. From fair to deep-melanin rich, we got you.


Irritation where? We leave out synthetic dyes, fragrances, sulfates & talc for a soothing application and feel.

Meet Our Founder

Hey, I’m Alicia! 

Let’s get real, having eczema and acne sucks! I’ve always dealt with sensitive skin since I was a young girl trying to bathe in my grandma’s Elizabeth Taylor heavily-fragranced lotion. I immediately broke out in hives and since that day, I steered clear of sensitive-skin-triggering products, including makeup. I thought that was all I needed to do until one random day in college, I awake with a large, itchy, dry patch on my leg. But that was just the beginning. More patches from head to toe which I soon thereafter found out from a dermatologist was contact dermatitis better known as eczema. To make it a real party, cystic acne entered my life around the same time and I just couldn’t get with the makeup brands not only ignoring my skin tone but my skin conditions too! 

I created Range Beauty for all my reactive skin friends out there who miss throwing on a look whether minimal or full glam without having to think about the aftermath when taking your makeup off. Finally, we have a makeup line that extends our skincare and takes care of our faces with wear! We make sure our ingredients are always clean and abide by our “Good-To-Skin” and “Not-For-Skin” Lists to ensure all types and shades can use our products. Because #RealSkinHasRange.


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